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Introducing Export IT

Export IT - your #1 choice for a Global Business Development Manager. In close co-operation with you, we will establish a Business Partner /OEM Sales Channel for you in the International market. Then we will assist you in managing the Channel Partners over the longer term.

About Export IT

Export IT identifies suitable Business Partners to build your foundation for success in the Global market. Export IT offers assistance on a project, advisory and commission basis, to software companies to select and implement the right course internationally.

Export IT Clients

Benefit from our extensive knowledge of the Global IT market. Our advice, experience and action cover’s the whole range of processes involved in successfully selling software around the Globe. It is up to you to decide just how involved you would like us to be – let’s discuss soon.

Why Global?

Global markets offer unparalleled opportunities for software companies able to choose the right course, the right market, the right strategy and effectively operate in a rapidly changing environment.

Why Export IT?

Years of international experience combined with our unique Business Model will assist and guide your software company to enter and or expand in the Global market.